Jinara Vasquez

Reconnecting with culture

Since quarantine had begun, a topic that I've been heavily reconnecting with is my own culture and where I belong within it. With this image, I chose to talk about my struggle in finding a sense of belonging within my culture, being biracial. Something that really inspired me to create this was a song by Haley Heynderickx called “Mother”. It’s a song that’s very important to me that had entered my life at just the perfect time when my confliction with my cultural identity was at its peak. The song is from the perspective of a biracial woman struggling with her identity and apologizing to her mother because she feels she is a disappointment to her cultures, which I was able to connect with. Growing up, I had always felt as if I “wasn’t Armenian enough” around the Armenian kids or I “wasn’t Mexican enough” around the Mexican kids. I say this in quotations because I don’t think there is such a thing as being “____ enough”. I believe that culture is carried with you no matter your background. There is one line from the song that stands out to me the most and it reads “Mother, my children will speak different tongue.” This line resonates with heavily me because I’ve personally feared that I won't be able to properly pass down aspects of my culture to my children. Also in doing research for this project, I'd spoken to my biracial friends which was very comforting because I found that I wasn’t alone in the way I feel. It was so validating to hear what I’ve thought for so long coming from someone else.
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