Devon Oetzel

Reconnecting with loved ones through the beauty of nature

This photo is very special to me because it depicts many important things in my life. Family being the foremost of them as this shows my younger cousins who live hours away from me and in a very different lifestyle than mine. It depicts a small part of the sibling bond they have as sisters in a large family of 8 living in a remote part of Upstate NY. Their lifestyle is different from mine in the way that the closest Walmart is almost an hour away and they are secluded with mostly nature to connect to, free from a lot of the distractions that a fast pace suburban life comes with. This photo is a snapshot of the peace I find visiting them and how it helps me reconnect by taking out the distractions in my life and drawing me closer to the importance of family and the beauty of nature. The serenity of the sunset over their acres of land that seem to stretch for miles, along with the bond they have in matching camouflage outfits holding hands, can’t help but make me smile when I see this photo. I hope this feeling shines through to all who view it.
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