Amanda Ramos

Reconnecting with loving a pets

I got my dog Blackie about 6 years ago. I loved him very much. Blackie would help me get through my ups and downs. He would be my moral support. Although he had 2 homes to go to. My aunts house and mine. My aunts lives 2 doors a away from me. He would always want to be in my aunts house because we had rules in my house and not in her’s. We all loved him very much. His birthday is on earth day. We would cut him a dog cake. We also would buy him treats and ice cream. The day after Valentine's Day a very gloomy day, unfortunately we lost blackie at 5:33 PM. He got hit by a car. When I heard the bad news I was doing my homework. I was devastated I was a crying mess. My grades went really low once the incident had happened I even lost a friend that same week. Now everytime I remember Blackie I have hope in the future. I have confidence in myself. Now its has been a month since he left my side. I wish he was still with us but now he's all better up there. Rest In Peace 2017-2022
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