Tessie Georgitis

Reconnecting with Nature, Life, and Peace

We as a species must put up more of a fight for nature. It is all around us...at least it used to be. Now that we surround ourselves with buildings and skyscrapers that are ridding us of the dream of having nature be a part of our regular lives, of having peace. I took this picture when I walked into school one cold and quiet morning. A beautiful tree, yet surrounded by concrete. What if there were other trees similar to this, but they were in the way of some entrepreneur’s dreams of making the most money? I didn’t use to care for nature, (like plenty of others) because “it’s just a bunch of trees, they’ll grow back later, and who even cares? It’s not going to affect us!” Until I learned about how we DO need nature, not only for breathing but also for learning. Learning about the world around us, or practicing mindfulness and peace.
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