Yasleen Ramos

Reconnecting With The Sky

The Sky, the sky expresses many many emotions. When this picture was taken I thought about mental health, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. These topics aren’t really talked about, but these topics are actually very important to talk about. You really don't know what's going on in someone’s mind. Mental Health: Many people don’t take care of themselves which leads them to start having problems in their life.Many people suffer with their mental health problems. It’s either they were mentally abused or they had trauma from their past. People feel numb, they overthink about little things. They feel like they're being controlled by their minds, they even think about harming themselves from their trauma or what they are suffering from. They also may have no energy or they stopped eating, and they even start distancing themselves from the people they love. If you are suffering from mental health you can talk to someone that you are comfortable with or you trust. Anxiety: When I think about anxiety, what it means to me is feeling weak, always tired, and always worrying about other people's thoughts. You're always trembling, sweating, getting panic attacks, and anxiety attacks. Having difficulty breathing, difficulty controlling your worriness, and hyperventilation which makes you breath more faster. You're always feeling nervous, restless, and for some reason you're always tense. Depression: When thinking about depression I think about how it affects the things you love doing. You get a random burst of energy, you start distancing yourself from others, and you start thinking about what life really means to you. You also start overthinking a lot, you lose your appetite, and you start feeling worthless. You start feeling like you're guilty of things that aren’t your fault or guilty of living. You may also start having suicide thoughts. Medication can help with this illness. Talking with someone can help you recover but its very important to find someone you trust and you feel comfortable with talking to about what's going on in your life. If something that makes you happy. People think that they are alone but they aren’t alone because they have people around them that help them cope with this illness. Loneliness: What do you think about loneliness? When we think about loneliness we really think about “oh you're alone.” But what it really means is when you're in a state of mind where you think no one is there for you and you're by yourself all the time in your head. That might be for some people but for others they might have other people around but they are really distancing themselves from them. What loneliness feels like is when you don't have anyone to turn to and talk to, the feeling of being left out, and the lack of commutation around you. If you never felt what comfort is then you will get comfortable with this feeling we call loneliness. You get lost in your thoughts and you start overthinking many things. You feel like no one is there for you, everyone is against you, and you start feeling like you're against yourself. Alone with yourself. You and your thoughts.
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