Taylor Whisler

Reconnecting with the world

For the past two years, we have lived in a world taken over by a virus that nobody saw coming. As the world opens up, it is challenging for many to reconnect with the world around us. We were stuck in our homes, could not see one another, and did not see past our backyards. The thing about Earth is that nature did not close when we shut down. Nature will never cease; the waves will never stop crashing and the sun will never stop shining. As we begin to step out of our homes and reconnect with our world, we begin to see how truly remarkable and beautiful it is. We see how Earth waited for us to once again feel the ocean breeze, for our feet to crush the leaves under us, and to feel the heat of the sun. Our world is bigger than us. We are simply small human beings, living in a big world which is waiting for us to reconnect.
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