Juan Martin

Remember & Revive!

During these uncertain times, it is clear that humanity must be united and work together to overcome COVID-19. I was inspired to create an urban bird, since large cities all around the world have been hit hard with the virus. Sparrows symbolize joy and protection, therefore I found very fitting to create a sparrow flying with grace. Sparrows also symbolize community and teamwork, which is exactly what our doctors, nurses, teachers and those in the front lines are selflessly doing. This sparrow flies high to bring hope to humanity and provides a sign that we will overcome and conquer this pandemic. I wanted to make sure that the word REMEMBER was in the composition, because this is a lesson we must learn, a lesson that we must protect nature, and a lesson that we must put aside our differences for a better future. REVIVE! represents a new rebirth, a renaissance 2.0. Our life will never be the same, nor it should. It is time to revive the human spirit for a better tomorrow.
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