Clara Vastano

Remember That

There is so much going on at the moment: a Pandemic is not easy to handle - for no one. And there are good days, and there are bad days - for everyone. But as much as I want to lament about how bad my day or situation was, and as much as that is my right to do so, I think that it is still very important to remember, that there are people out there (and not too few) who's days are harder than mine has been. That can be for many reasons: starting with little things like not having your own space to retire to when feeling like it, being in a unhappy or healthy relationship and now being stuck together, but it drastically goes to not knowing how to pay rent, how to buy food and supplements, not being able to go out alone (if allowed), being extremely lonely, living in an abusive household, not having a roof over your head at all, and many more reasons. In Germany where I live there was a thing where everyday on set hours everyone would applause from their balconies or windows to the Health Workers. Of course it was meant as a nice gesture, but for a Health Worker who has just finished a 15 Hour Shift and has little to eat because all the Supermarkets have been bought empty, that cannot not help much. So my Work goes to all the people out there, people like you and me, as a friendly reminder, not to compare their situation with others, but to remember when panic buying 10 Pasta Packets, if it is really necessary, and to remember and see if there is a way to help homeless or other people in need, to spread numbers for Domestic Abusive Helplines, to remember their elderly neighbours and (if allowed) help them do their grocery shopping, to call someone you know is lonely, and generally said: to remind us to remember. It goes to people like you and me, to take us out of our privileged bubble that so easily spreads around us, and remind us to remember our awareness, to remember others.
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