Reina Wooden

“Respect Covid-19”

@amplifierart In response to the current pandemic (2020) I have created an Art piece titled: "Respect #Covid-19". I am submitting this to #amplifierart as a way to encourage all in following the Health Department guidelines of our Scientists, Health care workers, State and local officials AND all #essentialworkers on the front lines fighting to keep the rest of us safe and vigilant! I am an Abstract Artist who works with Acrylic, however I felt compelled to challenge myself on this assignment. I used my ethnicity of Venezuelan and African-American to present a different approach to "Respect Covid-19" . I want people to truly FEEL the purpose and motivation behind the messages broadcasted over the past 2 months. The message is this: "My mask protects YOU and Your mask protects ME." We are ONE RACE. The HUMAN Race. Let us work as one. #ARTISTSUNITE #R76
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