Josh Hunt

Save Lives, Stay Home

This piece began in my sketchbook as a series of daily mark making activities to ease my anxiety during the early days of quarantine. After putting it aside for a while and coming back to it, I got the idea for this poster. The image is a lot like a barrier, the builder having layered his home to the point of blocking everything out, except for maybe a small window from which to see the world. There is a bit of orange, that hints at danger, or maybe caution. I chose Garamond for the type because I like Garamond. It's a nice typeface, familiar and calming, and it juxtaposes nicely with the scratchy lines. The words take over the poster, encompass it, they sort of jump out at the viewer, as if they are moving toward them, like a warning--take head, save lives, stay home. I think the simplicity of the image is its strength.
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