Rachele Eve Guastella


SECRETEXTS ARE UNCONDITIONAL PRAYERS FOR OUR DEAR, DIVINE HUMANITY TO SERVE THE HEART SPACE NOURISH THE SPIRIT PATTERN THE MIND WE STAND TOGETHER IN GRATITUDE AND GRIEF FOR THE UNPRECEDENTED TIME OF GLOBAL SHIFTS, RECONFIGURATION, AND SENSITIVITIES ARISING IN EACH OF US WE ARE FOCUSED AND STEADFAST IN OUR DEVOTION TO THE RADIANCE & AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION OF OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER WE NAVIGATE THE WISEST & MOST HUMANE WAY FORWARD GOOD HEALTH REIGNS UPON OURSELVES AND OUR LOVED ONES TENDERNESS & LOVE REIGNS UPON THOSE WHO ARE SUFFERING PAIN OR LOSS INVITE YOURSELF TO ENJOY A DEEP INHALE OF GOOD ENERGY & LIGHT AND A RELAXED EXHALE OF GOOD ENERGY AND LIGHT TO THE COLLECTIVE SOFTEN YOUR GAZE ON THESE WORDS FOR AS LONG AS YOU NEED, REPEAT THE PHRASE OUTLOUD OR IN YOUR HEAD FEEL THE FEELING YOU WOULD FEEL AS IF ALL OF THESE WORDS WERE TRUE IN AN EASEFUL, MIRACULOUS INSTANT SINCERELY YOURS IN THE UNFOLDING, RACHELE EVE more about SECRETEXTS: S E C R E T E X T S are enchanting reminders of what is important, true, and crucial for a soul centered life. Detroit-based artist and musician Rachele Eve is a third-generation Italian American— a storyteller and an incurable romantic. Stemming from her daily practice of writing haiku and affirmations, Rachele’s SECRETEXTS are contemplative prompts for conscious, cosmic living. An artist of several mediums, she describes this project as one of divination, an act of deep listening and playful word foraging, “something from Universal Mind that you have known all along.” Since January 2019 Rachele has divined over 400 SECRETEXTS and sees this as only the beginning. Currently, SECRETEXTS are offered in the form of large archival prints on fine art paper, postcards, and small journals. Open edition prints available in various sizes and colors. They can be placed on the wall or an altar, gifted, and carried around to affirm your path and bring you to a place of peace and contemplation. 
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