Anastasia Wearing

Separate but more connected

I wanted to show in my drawing how the virus is making us create a world that shows a new type of community a better one. The top mask shows the spread of the virus. The two people below show how everyone was emotionally affected by it. The two other masks are projecting the kindness that came out of this, and what we’ll use as a guide to a better tomorrow. In the background the colors change, I did that to show slowly but surely this will be over and will get better from then on. Through the coronavirus my teachers have been teaching each student as best as they can. Which is hard sometimes since we're all doing homeschooling now. People have been exercising more than ever before, a lot have wanted to exercise with people through the pandemic. One of those exercises is dance. I'll been seeing a lot of dance videos where people dance together in different locations. A lot of restaurants and schools have been very generous and offered food to people in need. I put all those things in my art since they show times like this is where community comes together.
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