Sumegh Anglekar

Social Distancing

There is nothing new about social distancing that I can write that you don’t already know about. But when all of this is over, and you are feeling the lowest of your lows, know this : 1. That amongst all the educated people with their big salaries and million PhDs who were still selfish enough to step out of the house, you were the one to sit inside and help flatten the curve. That day you realised that no job or degree can ever determine your self worth. 2. That for the first time in your life, you were a part of something much bigger. That the impact you always wanted to make in the world, you already had. And no, you may not be a doctor to actually treat infected patients, but you were also nothing short of a life-saver for the millions who remained uninfected. When the world needed you, you didn’t turn your back on it. You became the hero in your eyes that you always wanted to be. 3. That isolation was hard. That you had never been an outgoing person in the first place but forcibly stuck at home with your thoughts was one of the most difficult things for you to go through. But you did it. And you realized that if you could overcome this phase, this long, drawn-out, nail biting, slow phase in your life that felt like a reverse live stream, you could possibly overcome anything. Be kind. Stay positive. Keep yourself at home. And tomorrow when you see the curve, be proud of the fact that you were one of the many reasons it stayed flat.
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