priscila castaƱo

Spray hope

Hi everyone!! I made the design thinking about how we can find hope in tiny but mighty details. The idea behind this is that we have the power to stimulate hope anytime. With the flower-spray and it is for free!! I chose the chalkboard background because it reminds me of all the messages of encouragement we used to draw for our friends at school when someone was feeling blue. I have an endless list of problems -like everyone else. I have leaks on the roof. I have to struggle for food and bills but also I have hope. Hope for a better world. And to me hope is the Chinese Rose climbing on my neighbor's wall, whispering me songs about love and kindness. Calming my fears and giving me strength. I wish you can find hope too, it is there, waiting for you to switch the colors on your mind. Thank you, Priscila
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