elsa forneris

Spread smile

This artwork aims to promote mental health, well-being and social change work during these stressful times. We, people, received guidelines to wash our hands, wear masks and respect a good distance with others but we musn't forget to smile to each other ! Because a smile from someone else, even a stranger, can enlight a bad day, and it is proved that smiling has some positive effects on mental health and helps to reduce stress level. The message "smiling is contagious, too" refers to the fact that we are living a hard time with the virus and, just like it, smiling is communicative and you can give it to people, but the second part "but it feels good to catch it." encourage people to smile to each other and spread it (unlike the virus). This poster can be used during the epidemy, and also after, because it is always good reminder that smiling can make a change.
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