Tanvi Jani

Stay Home, Stay Alive

Hello there, My name is Tanvi. I'm a professional graphic designer based out of Mumbai, India. The artwork I've made for this campaign is inspired by the reluctance that the authorities faced down here when a state-wide quarantine was announced. Since quite a few people here in India earn on a day-to-day basis by working as labourers, vegetables/fruit vendors, etc; life for them becomes very difficult when they can't leave their house and earn just enough to put 2 square meals a day on the table for their families. The poster has a minimal typography - based design. The text has been written in Hindi - which uses the Devanagari Script (a very common script which is used throughout the country and can be read by most people who've been living in India.) The text roughly translates to 'Sit at home and stay alive' - which can be used to spread the word either as a hashtag for digital media or as a slogan for print media. To add sort of a recall and authoritative element to the poster, the colours I've picked are very similar to the colours used by the Government party which currently is in power here.
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