Cecilia Diefenbach

sticking together

It’s a life period where the world is facing the same issue, where society in each country, in each region, in each city is forced to make life changes, to put into question their lifestyles, politics, ecology, humanity. No matter which Color, which sex, which nationality, which personality= we are all in one boat. We are all going through the same thing, and we can overcome it by sticking together. What does that even mean? People struggle to respect, to stick together, they are selfish and react before they think. But now, the situation got to a point, where we are all weak, because we can’t actually control what’s happening. We become vulnerable, need to feel love, need to support each other and realise what’s important in life. We realise, that we need to fight in the right way, in the wise way to do each other good/ to make this epidemic stop. We need to look back on idols, who changed the world. It’s not a matter who started, who’s the responsible for the problem which started. No need to get racist and blame someone. We all are to be blamed. Because it’s how we turned the planet in which we live in, that gives us now the price to pay. So let’s raise our arms together, let’s stay home together, let’s make this Virus die and send each other mimosa flowers for the sign of peace and health. And let’s hope for a happy ending and a better world afterwards.
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