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Reduce Face Touching: During this time, we have been told to wash our hands, stay home, stop touching our faces frequently. However, it is very hard for most people to stop touching their face, as it is usually an involuntary action. This campaign aims to provide a healthy alternative for everyone who is struggling to reduce face touching. The name of the campaign is called “Stretch it out”. It encourages people to use their hands in stretching instead of touching their faces. People usually touch their faces while daydreaming, or working, or when they are stressed or anxious. Stretching the body helps it to get rid of the tension and release it out. I decided to keep the stretches simple so that anyone can do them, and to also keep them related to the hands only to stick to the main message. The idea is to help people stretch out and exercise a bit during this hard time, while also reducing touching their faces by doing other alternatives.
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