james cox

Thank You

As an artist and art teacher living in Staten Island, NY, I am surrounded by healthcare professionals, first responders, and essential workers. My mother is a nurse, my brother is a longshoremen, and I have many friends who are EMT's and nurses. I created this work (drawn in pencil and colored digitally) out of a feeling I had of pure gratitude for the people of Staten Island, as well as the frontline workers of the world. I depicted these frontline workers holding up the Verrazzano Bridge because that's exactly how I felt when I started drawing. I feel that these are the people that are holding us up right now. Since the image was released online (my social media @jamescoxillustration) it has garnered quite a bit of public attention, and there was a large demand for prints. I felt that if the image was to be sold, the proceeds should go to a relevant cause here on Staten Island. With the help of the Staten Island Borough Presidents office, I was able to get limited prints of the piece made by a local copy shop. 250 prints, which have since sold out, were offered to the public with a donation of $50.19 or more to the Staten Island Not For Profit Association, for their various Covid-19 relief efforts. I am happy to say more posters are in the works to be created, and offered through the non-profit to keep the fundraising efforts going!
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