ragni agarwal

Thank You!

thank you medical professionals.⁠⁣⁣ thank you healthcare workers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you mental health professionals.⁣⁣ thank you grocery store workers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you restaurant workers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you truck drivers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you warehouse workers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you delivery people.⁠⁣⁣ thank you sanitation workers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you farmers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you maintenance workers.⁠⁣⁣ thank you kind neighbors and friends.⁠⁣⁣ thank you to all of those that are tirelessly putting their own safety at risk to keep the rest of us safe, fed and sane.⁠⁣ eternally grateful for helping us get through this crisis.⁠⁣ let us do our part by staying home. i'd also like to know other ways of helping from afar. if you know of solid, impactful ways to help, comment and let me know please. thank you! ✌🏽
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