Victoria/Viktor Linvell

Thank you for your service

Many people want to thank the people who are seen as essential, as a child of an essential worker (Grocery store) and the child-in-law to a restaurant server/worker, I feel that these guys (Lower wage workers who are deemed as essential) are never really thanked, my mother often gets threats and is often told all the time that people are scared and don't feel safe in public, hence why they can abuse them verbally and all the while people are abusing the 6 feet away guidelines and social distancing orders in stores. I wanted to make this piece to give a thanks to those who are risking their lives every day against their will to have a job. Thank you for your service should be a common greeting to these workers, and I wanted to share to get the ball rolling. Thank you for your service, whoever you are and whatever store you work in. Thank you.
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