ishita dasgupta

The Bloom

I’ve been looking at Words and The World in a different light. Words now have have weights assigned to them basis the depth, ability to feel and how we actually perceive a word. I recently realised just how deep and beautiful a word, “Anticipation” was. Here is my perception of the word. Anticipation: To wait for something or someone, unchangingly, with every drop of day, and ink of night. I can almost feel the pit of an ocean at the end of the word, that at times has the ability to drown some of us. It doesn’t speak about the duration of someone waiting, it talks about only a definitive belief. I then wonder, what if we have been anticipating ourselves all along, and our ability to “Bloom”. What if we were to lose ourselves a little before we found ourselves, to make sense of our time here. What if the Universe was anticipating our Bloom, and if that were the case, are we not blooming at the same time? I wanted to paint about the thoughts I had, if I could, I would compartmentalise them, and assign a word to better express the jungle, that is my mind. But I chose to tell you a story through my brush. I wanted to show, Mental Health as natural as Nature, and what awareness actually means. Because, I had the time with myself, I actually picked up my brush after 8 years and painted my heart out. That is an MRI scan of a healthy person. Usually the Blue areas in a scan signify depression, whereas the red and yellows signify good health. I would like to believe that the Blues are to be distributed outside ourselves, with nature, to truly appreciate it. Which is why the central baseline theme is light hues of blue and green. The deer signifies innocence that has and always be a part of us, which has also been anticipating our bloom. Within the mask are elements anticipating each other to bloom, this is what deeply impacts the balance of the blue and yellows in the world and the ones in our heads. I wanted to bring up scale and depth of the elements of nature, man made elements. That’s the Moon with her ocean, gravitating toward a better balance. I think health workers and people in the frontline a little like the children of the Moon. The World will never be the same again, and I hope the colours will always be equally distributed.
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