Khilali Marquez

The eye of anxiety

This drawing launched the very start of my career and represents a lot of who I am as a person as well as an artist. While I was creating art long before the debut of this piece I was always very scared and anxious to pursue a career in art. I was in college pursuing a degree in psychology at the time and personally I do suffer from anxiety. I then decided from that point I wanted to express my feelings through art to help others and find my way into art therapy. The person depicted in this drawing is myself and the title “Eye Of Anxiety” plays on the term “eye of the tornado” or “eye of the hurricane”. The eye of these brutal storms, are the calmest. This drawing describes anxiety as being lost in the woods but in a circular motion, creating a “tornado” of trees with the literal eye in the center. The person in the drawing is facing the woods trying to find the calm in the chaos (the eye). Anxiety is a feeling everyone gets whether it is clinical or due to something external causing fear.
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