Elyse Boardman

The Hermit

(colored pencil - 18”x24”) I started this around the time of our last pink full moon and in the beginning of our shelter in place order being initiated here in Michigan. This piece is an expression of seeing the lockdown as a unique opportunity for furthering spiritual growth and development. In the traditional sense (quoting Johannesburg Fieburg & Evelin Bürger); the hermit historically is referred to living a life in the experience of God within the highest possible state of bliss. It is over simplistic to limit the significance of The Hermit to a symbol for isolation and forlorn loneliness. The Hermit is one who deals with their problems when the time is ripe and without trying to avoid the issue. What the uninitiated sees as being no more than relinquishment and sacrifice is for the hermit the key to transcendental happiness. In tarot this card implies that now is a time to withdraw. To make calm and steady efforts to relieve ourselves of that which is too heavy to continue carrying; while focusing on that which is essential.
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