Konstantin Pribylov

The Quarantine

Painting made in oil. instagram.com/k0sp Symbolism: Two hands in the sky represents forces of good and evil that are behind the scenes fighting for this world. The girl with one eye in the back is a reference to the girl from Bronzino's "Venus, Cupid, folly and Time." Which represents two sides of sexual pleasure in that painting - that pleasure comes with a cost (Syphilis is another subject that is mentioned which was an illness at the time when Bronzino lived), In my it represents how we want to go outside at take a hike in the mountain, enjoy the view and just spend time outside. Nowadays spending time outside it comes at a cost. A couple in hazmat suits are walking away from the mountain to go home, when they confronted by the illness dressed in dark. Tree on the right depicts Acacia tree - represents renewal, fortitude and pureness.
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