Grace Kress

The Sun is Rising and So Are We

This illustration is a dedication to the struggle against oppression and aims to give hope for a better, more just, world. I have been a campaigner since before I could walk and demonstrations have always been a space that symbolise unity and collective resistance. I hope I have been able to capture this non-binary person's strength in the face of adversity. They wear badges that read slogans such as ‘Sex work is work’, 'They/them', ‘Free All Political Prisoners’, ‘Resist the pipeline’, ‘ Water is life’. My hope with this was to help link all of the social injustice we are fighting together, to show how they are a part of the larger issue of imperialism that plagues our communities and limits our self expression. This protestor shows that when we fight, we win. The sun rising in the east, symbolises the dawning of a new era. One of hope and unity. One of solidarity and strength. One where we are free to express ourselves and connect back to what is important.
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