Molly Langland

The World is in Your Hands

Living in the world of a pandemic is challenging, but it's the little things we can all do each day that make a global impact. In this piece the meaning of the World, represented through an image of our globe in a water drop, serves as a duality. The first meaning is that everyday our hands come into contact with so many people, places, and things we all literally are carrying pieces, bacteria, of the World on our hands, for better or for worse. The second meaning is that because we carry and transmit bacteria through our hands it is our responsibility to healthcare workers, represented through the red cross banner, and our society to make sure we wash our hands because it really could save lives. Also washing our hands should be valued as a leading preventative measure we, as a society, don't forget moving forward after the world heals from this pandemic. This is a simple task that is relevant and unifying among all people of the world no matter who you are, where you are, or what you're doing. Together, if we all remember to wash our hands the World will be a safer place for us all – and our lives depend on it.
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