Katherine Muniz

They Protect Us, Let’s Protect Them.

This oil and acrylic on canvas piece conveys the importance of protecting our health care workers by proving them with the necessary protection (PPE) that they urgently need in order for them to do their jobs, and also, to stay alive. On the left, you see the medical team hustle as they protect patients; they are geared up as they put their lives on the line for us. The right side portrays an exhausted and frustrated health care worker. Is she resting? Is she on the phone with her family? Is she crying? Whatever she is doing, we must protect her; just as the health care workers protect us. Ironically, the mask looks depleted, the gloves are limp over the edge of the table as they too look exhausted and the face guard looks used. These are all important items that our medical workers urgently need. Also, above the sole medical worker is the poster of Super Nurse. The poster is a symbol of encouragement and strength. It is a reminder that she can continue the fight. (I received approval to use Super Nurse in my painting from the artist.) Let us do all we can to protect and provide the crucial equipment medical providers need, so in turn, they can protect us and our loved ones. Katherine Muniz IG: Artwork by Katherine
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