Jolino Beserra

They’d Love To Turn You On

As this pandemic ravages families and communities too many are not able to physically care for their pets when they become ill while others tragically can’t afford to feed their children let alone their pets unemployed. So shelters like everything else are becoming overwhelmed. I have been a life long rescuer of street dogs (6) and helping the homeless maintain their pets. The bond between humans and their animals is strong and necessary for mental health, inner peace and world balance. I created this pique-assiette mosaic heart art to inspire people through my use of humor, color and visual story telling to illustrate the mutual Grooviness in supporting, fostering and adopting. With the unprecedented crisis we find ourselves in right now and with so many without the basics I turned my heart ache into a mosaic that expressed my hope and continuing efforts whether artistically or hands on for a better world where all creatures are fed and cared for.
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