Anna Sergeeva

“this too shall pass”

Over the past ten weeks, I created “marlon” - a typeface inspired by the artwork of Marlon Mullen - a Bay Area painter on the autism spectrum who does not possess verbal or written literacy yet paints words as shapes when he transforms art magazine spreads with canvas and paint. I saw a selection of his work at SFMoMA and fell in love with the colors and shapes and the idea of creating an alphabet based a vastly different relationship with words than the contemporary literate norm. For this proposal, I created a set of three digital (and printable) posters using the “marlon” type and I would also love to make the font file downloadable for free for your audience to use as they see fit. I hope these letters and images promote joy and well-being during this difficult time. More information about "marlon" is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hduqa71wys2mer5/marlonbyanna.pdf?dl=0
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