Sandya Palan


COVID 19 is causing us to Worry, Fear, be anxious, to loose hope. Many of us are suffering, many have lost their lives. How long? is this the end ? What ifs ? What ahead?  are questions running continually in our head. Lockdowns are essential as social distancing is the cure. These lockdowns can be of more power if its used to equally build faith in all those who are in fear right now, to build peace in the midst of all worries, to put the words of life inside the ones who are anxious, and to never stop loosing hope, never stop working on the purpose of your life, to never stop dreaming. Its not the first time that you're going through something so hard, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Get connected to God so intimately at this hour, talk to him so closely, exchange all of your mind clutter with all his words which puts life in you because he's the only one who can reveal you the answers to all your questions which is bringing you down. Time on Earth, the desires of the world will all pass away someday, it will perish. But when you find your purpose in God, everything going on right now will not get you low, because the gift of God is the eternal life through Jesus Christ. 
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