Marina Gasparini

Time Dancers

Inspired to an engraving in an ancient venetian book of the XVI century that represents the symbology of the Time, the work is a large scale reproduction (250 x 180 cm) of one of the engravings from the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili by Aldo Manuzio publisher.It's an enigmatic bi-faced group of dancers that's in the incipit of the first book.Every man is connected with a woman but untied to her and each dancer has two faces; a cryng face and a smiling face. Dancing in two oscillating semi-circles, not in a round like a clock, but rather like a metronom. On the right side there were some presences of dancing young men and young ladies, each one with two faces. The front one smiling, the back one crying. And in round they were dancing. Holding by arms, man with man and woman with woman.
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