Rolien Snyman

To all my covid companions

Humankind, hear the call. It's time for us to be more "human-KINDER" than ever before. A kind soul that has risen from the crowds during this time is the Companions of life against Covid activist Seth Phillips, also known as dude with a sign. He has gone viral for his belief in standing up for whats right. As he boldly holds up the word of the great Alexander Hamilton we as humankind should answer the call. If we don't stand for something we will fall for anything especially during the uncertain times that COVID 19 has brought upon us. We as the guardians of the earth should take a stand for life. The reason for this artwork, was to stand up for what I believe in and that is to stand together. Where there are 2 or more...there is power. We were created as companions of life we are made to love and be loved. The black background and white dots represent the sky. We all make our wishes under the same starry nigh sky. We use the stars to escape reality and to be with our loved ones who are so very far away. The Corona virus has brought great darkness, but it also allowed the things that bring light to our lives to shine like never before. Let us answer the call of kindness. Let us be the light that someone else needs in this dark time. Let us stand together and face this pandemic so that, we can all have a better tomorrow. We are busy writing a significant chapter of Mother Nature's story. Let us remember this time as a time of companionship, of standing tall, of standing together and building our future together
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