Katherine Justiniani

To The Class of 2020

While every person is being affected by COVID-19 in different ways, I decided to highlight how it has been affecting the students. Because of this pandemic, students have lost their housing, jobs, access to technology, and mental stability. Being one of these students, I have lost my job, had to move 1000 miles away from my campus in order to have housing, and potentially have lost the ability to return to school and finish my education. Without having any financial aid or familial support financially, working was my only option to pay for my education. The unfortunate reality is that I will need a miracle in order to continue my learning. I am one of the millions of students in this exact situation; feeling trapped and helpless in a world where everyone is under fire. To complete one’s education during this time is incredibly difficult and life altering. The rising anxiety and terror within these students are just one other aspect of lives being permanently changed because of this pandemic.
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