Laura Ingram

Together…We Will Heal

First, I am not an artist. I started teaching myself to paint about four years ago at the age of 50, something I’d wanted to try my whole life. And it means the world to me. I did this oil painting to repsent how I think we will all need to come together in the end to help heal each other. My husband is on the front lines, in the senior living industry. Every day I worry desperately for him, for his staff, for his residents. It breaks my heart to know these seniors are scared and isolated. His community is doing a fantastic job, the absolute best, but I cannot imagine the fear, the uncertainty. We all know we miss our family and friends now, but I don’t think we will know the toll this has taken, how long and hard we have held our breath, how terrifying this has actually been, until we see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then we will need to come together fiercely, to be there for each other, to hold each other, and to heal. I tried to represent several ethnicity’s, to be gender free, to represent all people, the whole world. I put the heart over the mind, because I think we will be in a lot of pain long after this is over, we will have scars, and will be traumatized. But together, with love, and care, and understanding, and time, we can, and we will, heal. Together. (Thank you Jimmy Chin for sharing this opportunity)
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