vishakha Ratnu

Toward’s a new tomorrow

This art represents the VICTORY of the working middle- class of India(300-350million people, almost the entire population of united states of America) against corona virus that was pushed to poverty. These are also the people who were continuously working through the pandemic as they could not afford to stay at home. These are the people who are part of the vast informal sector economy of India who did not have desk jobs that could be done from home. These are the ones who could also not afford the expensive medical treatments ,ventilators and hospital beds when sick. To them the VACCINE is a savior, the shot that will SET THEM FREE. The vaccine is also very affordable in the country, free at government hospitals and at 3.34$ at private hospitals. Finally, the working middle-class can make ends meet and afford two square meals. I believe the vaccines are for all. Everyone deserves them, and the poor or the minority even more so. Lets not hoard vaccines or raw materials. Hence, i drew the couple smiling again after getting the shot, almost as though they have been given a new life. ‘आओ चले’ meaning Let’s go.
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