Leni Smoragdova

Transaction in Selfie / 2020

Transaction in Selfie / international project I made an open call in which anyone can participate. It is enough to send me a selfie with a closed face. From these selfies, I create separate artworks dedicated to 2020. They are called Transaction In Selfie. I am sending you five works from this series. Synopsis: Self-isolation helped uncover new facets of TransactionArt art - where every person, while at home, became part of a "green work of art." He does not need to fly airplanes, use toxic substances, move outside his home. Nothing more than what he is surrounded by. A man - a creator - creates without an extra “consumer basket” - but destroys nothing or buys additionally. One of the main elements of isolation is the use of familiar objects in a new way. And in the center is, of course, the person, his personality. On the one hand, a new virus discovered - has a destructive nature, on the other - a masked man - as if appealing to ancestors, nature, as shamans or people shared before urban civilization. When wearing a mask, he becomes someone else and gets a new superpower. More on the Transaction In Selfie project “A mask is not only protection but also a way of revealing individuality.” A mask is what formed a human personality. When a person first put on a mask, he realized that he could become someone else: this was what ancient people did when they were going to hunt, shamans, participants in carnivals, and Masonic lodges. This encouraged him to develop abstract thinking. Hidden faces are a way to show individuality and become someone more. A mask is a way to create a new reality. This is not only a life saving but also a way to tell the world who you are. “In 2016, I accidentally came to a lecture in Italy. The story of Jules Verne “around the world in 80 days” was an introductory part of the modern world. The fantasies of Jules Verne in the 21st century became a reality: a person, being anywhere in the world, can order food, a gift, a hotel, can have breakfast in Italy, lunch in London, and dinner in New York during the day. Time and life accelerated. Now the main trump card is freedom, individuality, speed, and “to be everywhere”. In 2016, I had the idea to make the Transaction in Selfie collection. A social network where users with hidden faces. It was a sluggish current project. Until 2020. This year we all became hidden. On the streets of the world walk the heroes of the world Transaction, take selfies with a closed face. And time has stopped. We can do nothing further than our apartment. The Transaction in Selfie project, accidentally invented, instantly became a historical chronicle of a new reality.
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