Clara Aden

Upgrade your Trust

I took my first shot yesterday and l feel so good about it. There are so much rumors and side talks about the side effects of the vaccines. Many people in my country have understandable distrust of the vaccinations. These fears, distrust and rumors spread out so fast more than the virus itself. The virus has affected all of us, the poor, the rich, black and white. Art has become a central part of our lives in this unprecedented times, either we realize it or not. Art is a place where we can keep each other afloat even when we can not touch each other. Tony Morrison in her essay stated " In times of dread, Artists must chose not to remain quiet. This is precisely the time to go to work" "Upgrade your trust" is the call to action to make everyone around get a vaccine. They should have profound faith in the vaccinations. Upgrade your trust Vaccines are safe.
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