Cesar Viveros

usa mascarilla please

Although the child wears a medical mouth cover, the woman wears a MesoAmerican mask that represents our immigrant community, highlighting the presence of minority groups that have given themselves the task of mobilizing to help those who needed it the most, people who You know can not apply for unemployment, and those that your employers drifted overnight knowing your immigration status. Also because I somehow want to draw attention to an urgent need that has been ignored in the judicial system, by keeping immigrants, including children and the elderly, locked up in deplorable conditions, becoming infected with the deadly virus as the days go by. It is well known that in the prison system, due to the confinement that makes these groups more vulnerable to the imminent contagion, it exponentially affects the immigrant groups concentrated by ICE in detention centers such as BERKS, YORK ( in Pensylvania, to name some) and the penitentiaries of Pennsylvania, who They are reaching higher levels of contagion due to conditions where they have been stripped of the slightest right to legal representation making them victims of abuse and neglect that has already been exposed even before these crises had reached this level. It is also very important for me to highlight the fact that emigrants, many of them who continue to work where possible, keep donating from their own food to the ones who lost their jobs and can not get any governmental aid because of the undocumented status.
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