Ryan Virga


I love the famous “1939 Normandie” poster and while it is still somewhat known around the art community I took it upon myself to bring it back to life with a twist. Today we have a pandemic in which statistics are being now compared to times of WWII. We have the US Naval Ship “COMFORT” docked outside of New York and US Naval Ship, "MERCY" docked outside LA because we don’t have enough space to help the ones in need of medical attention. This poster represents the struggle of the hero’s behind the scene who are covered from head to toe in masks and protective gear to help save lives. This goes out to those who may not know that they can still go to the hospital and feel safe since there are lines out the door for COVID-19 and are afraid of getting it in the emergency room. Today we are stuck inside without comfort of knowing if you should trust the health care system and if what you are going through is worth going to the hospital or not. This ship, this movement, is to help us in this pandemic which is why it says pandemic in Italian and Chinese since those are the two biggest Countries being hit. The bottom where is says “China – Italy – United States” represents the spread from one country to the next showcasing it world wide. There is a subtle nod as well to the birds not being birds but bats flying around the ship from the unknown origin of COVID-19. This is a poster showcases what is happening around the world is real and should be taken seriously.
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