Brianna Hernández Baurichter

Útiles Curativos (Bedpad)

“Útiles Curativos” treats common caregiver tools as sacred and holy objects in order to reconsider their value within the difficult circumstances they are used. This treatment is currently done through gilding pre-existing care objects with silver, gold, and copper leaf. Instead of unwanted medical waste, they become precious healing tools to help us better care for those we love. The elevation of these tools also reflects on the caregiver, reminding them of their own sacredness in this role. As resources to realistically support caregivers are not often accessible and desired industry change is slow, “Útiles Curativos” offers a mindfulness practice for caregivers to self-empower and reduce mental fatigue when finding themselves in tense moments. By rethinking how we mentally and emotionally prepare ourselves for future caregiving, or evolving tasks of current caregiving, we can create more space to be present with our loved ones, and resilience for dealing with each new step in the experience.
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