Keri Rosebraugh


Downtown Los Angeles artists Keri Rosebraugh and Adam Guy have created a large scale installation in support of our global fight against the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Using one hundred clay roof tiles, the installation / performance art transpired north of the 1st Street bridge with the LA river and cityscape as a backdrop. To view the 1 minute 45 second video, go here: https://youtu.be/Ci1_mNACnT4 Lining up the tiles like dominoes, Rosebraugh and Guy spelled out the word “VIRUS” in 12 ft. letters then proceeded to crush the first three letters of the word with a sledge hammer and pick axe - leaving the remaining part of the word as "US.” Guy documented the process via photography and video. The goal of this piece is to express humanity’s strength and resilience to the global pandemic, but not without the truth that accompanies it: fear, anxiety, grief and more,” states Rosebraugh. Clay tiles are frequently used as roofing on houses in Southern California. Rosebraugh had them sitting in her storage unit in the basement of their building for years and realized they would be a perfect symbol for the significance of “Home.” Both artists live alone in their work studios across the hall from each other and have been self isolating now for four weeks. With social distancing in place, this installation lets them share the frustration of their current challenges creatively while conveying that we are all in this fight together.
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