Melanie Burke

Water Well

Blue mandala in a series of 4. This mandala represents the element water, or pliancy within the consciousness. Like water, our thoughts are constantly in motion, moving calmly like a stream, or violently as a raging river. Our bodies are mostly comprised of water. This element reminds us to “go with the flow”, as change is constant. I began my mandala practice as a recovery tool from anxiety and addiction. This practice changed my life, and I am better able to accept life on life’s terms. The mandala is a meditation practice of remaining still with the art, beginning with a center dot (representing centering the mind) and moving outward in pattern. A mandala is quite personal, no two are ever alike. The attempt to makes designs symmetric without measuring is also a part of the practice. In this manner, I strive for balance and evenness. The background is airbrushed, the design is with acrylic marker. Acrylic, 24” x 24”
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