Michelle Abernathy

We Can Do It!

This piece is for all those mothers out there fearful of birthing in the current environment. I want you to know that YOU CAN DO IT. You can do it despite quarantine, despite deployment, despite a ban on doulas or support persons. No matter who or what you have around you, it is only YOU that can birth your baby. And you know what? That strength is already in you. That strength of your grandmothers giving birth in WWII era, that strength of your great-grandmothers giving birth during The Great Depression or even the Great War. Consider the strength of the some 3,000 mothers that gave birth at Auschwitz, knowing their babies would most likely be murdered. One of my favorite birth quotes is: “There is a secret in our culture and it is not that birth is painful but that women are strong"( -Laura Stavoe Harm). You, my friends, will find your strength through all of is. And YOU CAN DO IT!
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