Ashton Masek

We Still Have the Sky

I am a currently a senior in high school. At this point in life, I was looking forward to a lot of "lasts" that I thought were guaranteed. A last day of school, a last prom, a graduation: within a matter of a few weeks these things no longer can exist. Amidst my selfish frustration for my own situation, I was reminded that we still have the sky and that will not change. I am learning that we still have the ability to be hopeful, even when we lose the things we hoped for the most. I entirely took my place in the world for granted before this; seeing the immeasurable sacrifice people are making for each other has opened my eyes to how powerful empathy is. If this piece was to be selected for this initiative, all $1,000 would be used to directly support frontline professionals in the areas hardest hit by this crisis.
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