Duffy De Armas

We will not desert you

We are in uncertain times, as this pandemic sweeps our city, our state, our nation, and the world, people's lives are being affected in unprecedented ways. It's trying times like these were feel as artists it's our job, our role in society to step up and use the power of art to help heal our community. The balloon projections in the Rise Above project are meant to bring a ray of hope and positivity to everyone. The classic mylar “Get Well Soon” balloon is something we can all relate to and understand its meaning. So we wanted to design several custom mylar balloons based on our floral messaging artworks and project them all over the city, with several different messages relating to these hard times, letting the people of Seattle know that we will get well soon. Not only in regards to our health but in our economy, our friendships, our gatherings, our restaurants, our community; we will all be back and be stronger than ever. These balloons are meant to be a symbol and ray of hope that we will make it through this, together. There seemed to be a lack of that type of communication in our news cycle and daily conversations. We wanted to project the perseverance and empathy of the human spirit, fully believing those two things together will be the tenants that will fuel us to overcome these new challenges. This print is a version of one of the balloon motifs in a square format, based off our floral messaging painting series. We are in this together, we got this, we will dance again, we will not desert you.
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