Rolando Garcia

Will we deserve it…

Funny how this drawing was inspired to me. About 2 weeks ago, I was having a very tough time here in Seattle Washington trying to find toilet paper. I had no idea what this virus was doing to us. I spent the following Saturday going to every store I know, looking for my regular shopping list item, no prevail. So....I called my older brother and asked him if he knew of a store to get some, he laughed and then told me he had a stockpile in his garage, and I should have planned ahead. I asked if he would give me 1 roll, no,...I then asked to buy an 8 pack off him for $50....his exact words were, “fuck-off”. This is what we’ve come to? This is angelic though, that same night, I woke up around 3am, and decided to give Amazon a shot, even with no prevail from them either,..no shit...Contonelle 12 pack rolls!...I bout 2. I woke up in the morning to check again?, sold out. Something as tedious as TP?!...this is showing our true colors,...we’re better than this right?! Jeez. I’ve since been able to find some here and there, and have given some away. This drawing was where I was then.
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