Marli LaGrone

Wish You Were Here IV

These isolating times have clearing shown all of us just how powerful human connection is. Were all missing someone and hoping that they miss us too. Wish You Were Here is a series of postcard size (4in x 6in) collages exploring the experience of missing someone. Each collage crafts a unique environment, its own little world, that evokes sentimentality, nostalgia, serenity, and curiosity. Intending to capture that feeling of deep appreciation for a moment in time and yet still craving that someone you’re missing. Sitting in the loneliness of knowing that they would enjoy it too, these postcards to nowhere aim to unveil the silent heartbreak of being most sad when you’re happy. To whoever you pine for, the one that got away, your future partner, your absentee parent, your missing child, your dead sister, your long distance best friend, your childhood pet, the version of yourself you haven’t seen in awhile, This is for you. From my little broken heart to yours, I love you, I miss you, I simply, wish you were here.
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