Yaprak Civan

You are not Alone at Home

We are living really difficult time whole world. We have to lock ourselves in our houses, but it is still possible to socialize while maintaining social distance. This crisis helps us empathize with people and understand how to extend that same social solidartiy to all people around the world. Because really social distancing isn't about you: It’s about everyone else and it's an act of powerful solidarity. In our quarantine days our awareness increased and we realized that we need the people around us. They are our neighbors that we don't meet in our normal lives and even our neighbors that we don’t say hello or something. Nice to have been able to contact them, isn't it? Or we started chatting with our relatives who we could not find time to talk on the phone in our normal times. I am not Eleanor Porter's Pollyanna but sometimes it is necessary to look at the bright side! We are not alone.
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