Melody Potgieter


With the fear, anxiety, loss and loneliness felt as a result of Covid19 - the message is an encouraging one - YOU MATTER. Each and every person. The safety measures set in place, however difficult, have been to save your life. The typography is boldly laid out in the form of an abstract structure, holding together the beauty that connects us all and moves us forward toward a new world. The 'Y' of YOU is split and turned to form a house : Staying at home - turning inward - finding your safe place. The 'O' is the beating heart of earth and from her very core springs a rose (blossoming of a new world - not without thorns /pain) - also signifies a maturing/opening - and a gift given to someone very precious - this rose - is for you. A loud speaker can been seen wearing a breathing mask (even though we wear breathing masks - we are not without a voice!) The large 'U' is the bowl from which each of us has to drink and emerge to walk this path together. The 'stars' represent eternal hope and a more literal 'space' represents the social distancing between people to avoid contamination. The 'A' of MATTERS has been transformed into an arrow that points toward earth - as environmental awareness at this stage of our human existence, has never been so crucial and the restoration of nature herself never been so evident as a result of our (human) temporary lockdown. The arrow is also the sound blast from the loud speaker : shouting aloud : YOU MATTER : YOU PEOPLE, YOU EARTH. It is a call to return to sustainability and oneness with one another and nature. The 'TT' has become an equal sign : with a basic, but powerful message, that we are all equal - whatever our background or income, culture or status quo - the time for 'differences' is past. Many politicians have laid aside their grievances and powerful, violent, gangs have called a truce - in the name of defeating an unseen enemy that does not discriminate. The final 'ER.' has been turned back to back : ER is where many thousands have, due to the pandemic, lost their lives over the past months - but the message is not that of hopelessness : the ER is also 'RE' - REturn - REcreate, REstore, REbuild... The period sign is a blatant mark that reminds us that this is just a period of time and it will pass. YOU MATTER is a piece that speaks of the value of each and every life, as well as each of our roles in winning this war and building a new and better world going forward. God Bless and keep you.
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